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  • You will be part of an association who directly represent, protect, and support SMSF trustees (You!).  And have done so since 1998.  There is no other association in Australia that protects their SMSF Trustees all ways.
  • Automatic “Trustee Administrative Liability Insurance” for cover up to $25,000 per trustee for breaches levied by the ATO against the SMSF Trustees personally - called Administrative Penalties – Section 166 of the SIS Act 1993 - (If you are NOT a SISFA Trustee Member - this cost WILL COME OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET - NOT from your Super Fund)
  • Automatic “SMSF Audit Insurance” specifically designed for SMSFs which covers the costs of professional services incurred in conjunction with tax or compliance audits including the new Trustee Administrative Penalty Liability (section 166) - (Helps you to PRESERVE THE VALUE of your super fund account by NOT having to pay for the cost of audit out of your SMSF benefits)
  • Have a direct say in actions being considered by the Regulators – BEFORE THEY HAPPEN! (Be part of THE ORGANISATION that works with Government on YOUR behalf)
  • Always have access to matters that may directly affect you as trustee – BETTER INFORMED!
  • Access to “SMSF Blueprint”.  As a valued member of SISFA you are entitled to a 30% discount to SMSF Blueprint, your one stop SMSF education platform dedicated to SMSF trustees.  It is a unique, interactive and easy to use platform provided by leading experts in the SMSF industry. 
  • Got a technical question and your not sure if you want to ask your adviser? SISFA have a panel of experts that can help you with your general enquiry at NO EXTRA COST. If it needs specific advice SISFA can point you in the right direction as we have very knowledgeable SMSF practitioners.(Advice fees may be charged by the adviser).
  • Access to SISFA educational events such as webinars, podcasts, seminars, and the annual SISFA SMSF forum.
  • Welcomed to join policy debates.  If you are interested in actively protecting SMSF interests, then you no longer need to sit on the sideline...YOU CAN GET INVOLVED! 
  • You are kept informed and up to date with all the latest changes to SMSF legislation.
  • Membership is exceptional value, inexpensive, and can be 100% paid by the SMSF.

During the 2016/17 financial year approximately $1.6 million was levied in administration penalties alone [against trustees]

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