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The Policy Committee and Technical Committee are fundamental to SISFA's operation, purpose and public profile. They provide an avenue for participation from our members (especially through the State Chapters) in the all important area's of superannuation policy and technical issues affecting SMSFs. These committees are run and attended by by some of the country's most proficient and respected SMSF technical experts.

The SISFA Policy Committee

Through our Policy Committee, SISFA plays a leading role in shaping the long-term future of Australia’s retirement income system by developing policies that promote the role small independent superannuation funds have to play in that process. Over the years, SISFA has had great success in having unfair policy overturned or amended to ensure SMSFs are not disadvantaged by Government policy.

Meet the Policy Committee Team

Michael Jones

Cummings Flavel McCormack

Michael Jones
Director, Chair Policy Committee

Committee Members

Michael Lorimer | Heffron |

Andrew Cullinan | Director, Leebridge Group, VIC ​ |

Amanda Davidson | |

Daniel Prunty | Veritas Corp |

Phillip Borello | Leebridge Group |

Sharyn Frawley | |

Tracy Williams | |

Core functions and objectives of the Policy Committee include, but are not limited to:

During the 2016/17 financial year approximately $1.6 million was levied in administration penalties alone [against trustees]

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