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Media Release

Media Release

SMSF Landlords and offering rent relief

25-May-2020  |  SISFA

A hot topic for SMSF trustees during the COVID-19 crises is whether SMSF trustees that hold land can offer rent relief to their tenants, in particular to related tenants, without breaching the superannuation laws

SISFA relaunches membership to SMSF trustees

21-May-2020  |  SISFA

SISFA has redesigned and relaunched its membership offering for SMSF trustees, as part of our efforts to provide SMSF members a louder voice in Canberra and greater support from the industry.

COVID-19 Support Benefits for SMSFs

23-Mar-2020  |  SISFA

SISFA welcomes the announcement by the Government yesterday which includes emergency measures to assist superannuation account holders.  See the media release for more information

SISFA submission to the Retirement Income Review

03-Feb-2020  |  SISFA

SISFA today made a 34 page submission to Treasury’s Retirement Income Review. The submission addresses the 26 questions identified in the Consultation paper and offers comments and recommendations on each.

More information can be found in the Press Release

Labor's franking policy "could be based on old data"

01-Apr-2019  |  SISFA

Appearing before the final House of Reps Economics public hearing into the Opposition Policy Michael Lorimer said Labor's policy created an "unfair" distinction between particular classes of shareholders.

Announcing a new type of membership for Trustee Members

04-Feb-2019  |  SISFA

A new type of membership called a SISFA Trustee Member which incorporates services and support, by way of protection, not found through any other organisation in Australia


29-Jan-2019  |  SISFA

The discussion around the impact of banning franking credit refunds as proposed by the Labor Party continues in earnest into 2019 and public hearings are being held into the implications of removing refundable franking credits. These public hearings provide an excellent opportunity for you to address the committee directly about...

Address to SISFA's 2018 Forum by Ass Treasurer

20-Nov-2018  |  SISFA

Click here for a copy of the Hon Stuart Robert's address to SISFA's National Forum on 1 November

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits will provid

24-Sep-2018  |  SISFA

SISFA is one of 11 members of the Alliance for a Fairer Retirement System and welcomes the inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits, a measure set to financially hurt millions of Australians.

The Alliance for a Fairer...

Alliance for a fairer retirement system

29-Jun-2018  |  SISFA

The recently formed Alliance for a Fairer Retirement System highlights the risks facing thousands of small business owners from Labor’s proposal to disallow cash franking credit refunds. Click here to visit the web site

Earlier this week, Alliance representatives met with the Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Small...

SISFA to create a new class of membership for SMSF Auditors

08-Jun-2018  |  SISFA

Proposals contained in the May 2018 Federal Budget included the Government’s intention to reduce the frequency of audits for certain SMSFs to once every 3 years.

As a result of SISFA’s subsequent interactions with the SMSF community, we determined that the audit function and the interests of Auditors...

SISFA moves to bolster support for SMSF Auditors

11-May-2018  |  SISFA

The proposal in Tuesday night's Federal Budget to reduce the frequency of audits for certain SMSFs from annually to triennially has been met with resounding resistance from our SMSF Auditor members.

As a not-for-profit Association advocating the interests of the entire SMSF segment for the past two decades, SISFA...

Sensible super changes in Budget

10-May-2018  |  SISFA

Last night’s Budget introduced some welcome changes to the way superannuation savings are administered, though some of the measures could have gone further.

New Alliance wants fairer retirement outcomes for all Australians

08-May-2018  |  SISFA

SISFA along with several associations have formed the “Alliance for a Fairer Retirement System” to explore options to fix problems with the existing superannuation taxation, Age Pension means testing and broader retirement income systems. The formation of the Alliance is in response to Labor’s proposal to disallow refunds of excess...

Announcing a new partnership with Sharequity

17-Apr-2018  |  SISFA

SISFA today announced that is has partnered with Sharequity Pty Ltd as a Premium Annual sponsor.

Labor's policy backdown is welcome but problems remain

27-Mar-2018  |  SISFA

While SISFA welcomes Labor’s backdown and the recognition of the unintended impact that the original  policy would have on retirees, these carve-outs serve to highlight the flaw with the approach to this issue more broadly. 

SISFA Webinar slides - new opportunities for Super contributions

20-Mar-2018  |  SISFA

Download the slide here from Graeme Colley's webinar on new opportunities for super contributions

Labor's unfair tax grab will hit everyone with super - all 12 million of us

13-Mar-2018  |  SISFA

SISFA claims that Bill Shorten's plan to to deny dividend tax refunds to self-managed super funds will in fact make all 12 million Australians in superannuation funds worse off.

Labor's plan is not fair and it's not transparent.

We welcome the ATO's final position on event based reporting

09-Nov-2017  |  SISFA

The ATO’s final position on event-based reporting for SMSFs is both welcome and a reflection of the industry and regulator collaborating to achieve a sensible outcome.

MD handover along with new SMSF trustee membership package

11-Oct-2017  |  SISFA

SISFA announces MD handover along with new SMSF trustee membership package, including the first of its kind admin penalty / audit insurance for trustees at today’s SMSF Forum

Register today for SISFAs SMSF Forum 9 October 2017 Melbourne

13-Sep-2017  |  SISFA

No-one does a full day of SMSF strategies, insights and legislative updates quite like SISFA.

Featuring Kasey MacFarlane, Assistant Commissioner, SMSF Segment, ATO you need to be quick to register. It's on Monday 9 October in Melbourne. Click here to register

8:30 Registration

Simpler Super

25-Aug-2017  |  SISFA

If you are a regular reader of this fine publication, you will be well aware our government, like others before it, is once again tinkering with the regulations governing superannuation. This time the Turnbull administration is proposing the changes will only affect the top 4 per cent...

A new voice for one million SMSF members

25-May-2017  |  SISFA

Two associations that speak for Australia’s one million self-managed super fund members are merging to create an even stronger united voice. The Self-managed Independent Superannuation Funds Association (SISFA) is Australia’s original SMSF advocate, established in 1998 to represent the interests of trustees and industry...

Only the best for Super

28-Jan-2017  |  SISFA

As 2016 came to a close, the federal government invited submissions to its discussion paper on the definition of superannuation, a final act in the significant changes enacted last year. Superannuation is a long-term savings vehicle and the Self-managed Independent Superannuation Funds Association (SISFA) ...

During the 2016/17 financial year approximately $1.6 million was levied in administration penalties alone [against trustees]

ATO spokesperson

Speaking up for 1 million Australians with SMSFs

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