What is SISFA?

Self-managed Independent Superannuation Funds Association (SISFA) is a Non-Profit organisation established in 1998 (incorporated in 1999) as Australia’s first SMSF advocate association, and since then has grown to be the national voice for SMSFs in the superannuation policy debate. SISFA provides an important link between SMSF trustees, the superannuation industry, authorities and the community though its regular liaison on matters such as policy, proposed legislation and rulings impacting on SMSFs As an association it encourages high professional standards through its professional membership and public education initiatives, and is often sought after by the financial media for comment on Government policy or ATO rulings. Small independent superannuation funds (otherwise known as Self Managed Super Funds) are collectively a major sector in Australia's financial services industry and currently account for the largest single pool of money (by fund type) in the Superannuation system.

SISFA Committees

The Policy Committee and Technical Committee are fundamental to SISFA's operation, purpose and public profile. They provide an avenue for participation from our members (especially through the State Chapters) in the all important area's of superannuation policy and technical issues affecting SMSFs. These committees are run and attended by some of the country's most proficient and respected SMSF technical experts.


SISFA's members include SMSF trustees, SMSF advisers and other professional service providers to small independent superannuation funds. Membership to SISFA has a great many benefits, and enables SMSF professionals to get on the cutting edge of technical knowledge and proficiency, and to be part of the policy submission process. Click here for more information on the benefits of SISFA membership.

What about SMSF Trustees ?

The main purpose of SISFA's charter is to represent the needs and interests of SMSF trustees to both the Government and the Regulators, and to increase the level of education and awareness of SMSF issues at the trustee level. 


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