SMSF Trustees

SMSF Trustees

Representing SMSF Trustees ​

An important part of SISFA's charter is to represent the needs and interests of SMSF trustees to both the Government and the Regulators, and to increase the level of education and awareness of SMSF issues at the trustee level. ​

SMSF Trustee Education

To accomplish its goal of increasing SMSF trustee education, SISFA has teamed up with The SMSF Review, a comprehensive online information and education portal for SMSF trustees. This free online resource provides one central place to obtain information on a wide range of topic area's that can apply to you as an SMSF trustee, along with a number of tools to help you build your skills and make better trustee decisions. From basic info to more advanced strategies, its all there.

The SMSF Review also keeps you up to date via its monthly newsletter with both articles and audio updates, along with periodic webinars. Joining is easy and free.

Join the SMSF Review.

SISFA contributes directly to trustee education with a monthly technical update to trustees via an audio interview on The SMSF Review, along with updates on its activities that will have an impact on SMSF trutees such as submissions to Government or regulators on policy issues etc. ​

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